Oneness Rising

Unity in Diversity

Oneness Rising

Oneness Rising As A Living Community

Is Your Dream Building a New World?

We are Four Musicians, Artists, Builders, Alternative Healers and Youth Coaches who are in the process of setting up a Living /Working /Care Community in South / East Groningen

We are Looking for You!

 Do you want to build and inhabit an alternative Home? Do you love growing Food together with Mother Earth? Is your Calling using your Qualities to Inspire Young People and Visitors in finding their Dream? Is your Life's Work supporting to Manifest those Dreams?

Renovating an Existing Location

We want to realize Oneness Rising by renovating and inhabiting an existing location that is suitable for our purpose.

With a piece of private space where you can retreat and use as you see fit. This property will be between 40 and 80 m2.

The foundation will charge a fee per m2. The price includes Rent, an advance for Energy Costs, Maintenance and Investment in our Future.

Building Ourself

Every future resident at Oneness Rising chooses a Pitch of 300m2 on which you can build your Alternative, Circular Dream Home.

The foundation will charge a fee per m2. The price includes Rent, an advance for Energy Costs, Maintenance and Investment in our Future.

This place of course has Your own piece of Private Garden with Edible Hedge a Much Needed piece of Private Space within a Warm Community.

Community Buildings

Where you are at Home and Part of the Community. You may share and practice your specific Qualities, Wisdom, Profession, Education and Dreams in the field of Living, Working, Building, Technology and Innovation, Care, Alternative Healing, Music and Art as a Profession on the Grounds and in the Public Community Buildings such as the Greenhouse, Shop, Inn, Course and Activities Spaces and the Community Gardens. Your guests can use the Common Sleeping Quarters in consultation.


We are looking for a suitable Location in South-East Groningen or the North of Drenthe to realize Oneness Rising.

Location 1 Could be a piece of land in collaboration with a Municipality, possibly with an existing Historic building or Farm to facilitate the start-up and for the Connection to the Environment.

Location 2 Could be a Collaboration with a Farmer who has given up the Farming but certainly still wants to Grow but then in Connection with People and Mother Earth.

Location 3 was our attempt to renovate the old AZC building in Bellingwolde to realize Oneness Rising.

If You have or know a suitable Location, please contact us.

Oneness Rising, Inspiring Work

Our Goal is to let Young people and Guests who find it difficult to get started in the Current Society to discover a Sustainable Profession or Hobby. And in a playful way practice to make it their own.

Supporting and Inspiring Young Adults and Guests to Explore together: Who am I, What gives me Joy and Strength and What are my Dreams, And with Your qualities You support our Youth and Guests to Manifest their Dreams.

We also offer Sustainable, Educational, Mindful and Relaxing Projects, Workshops and Courses to Individuals, Schools, Institutions and Companies.

Theory and Practice are alternated with Enjoying Music, Singing, Poetry, Writing, Producing in the Studio, Self Expression, Art, Voice and Body Liberation, Gardening and last but not least: Consciously Chilling at our Monthly reccuring Balance-Day


A day to Enjoy and Learn together through Introspection, Active Research and Experimentation in all Colors, Tones and Adventures under the Sun.

We want to realize a Fire Pit, Natural Swimming Pool, Climbing Tower with Cable Car and Studio to make Music, Dance, Sing, Beats and Tracks, and whatever else You can Think of you can Teach us


N.L.P en Mindfulness with
Dacing and Connection at our Haloween Harvest Festival
Relaxed and Playful Leaning and Making Music

Oneness Rising for the Elderly

We reserve a number of homes for Rental for the Elderly so that they can continue to live independently for longer supported by Oneness Rising

Who are We

Hello, I am Joke Wijsbeek

A Delightful Dreamer and Nature Adventurer sprinkled with a touch of Oneness. Over the years I have had all kinds of different companies. From Catering to Hobby Business and Youth Care to Artist., Blessed with a lot of Talents and Qualities, my greatest Hobby is still Philosophizing about Existence on Mother Earth and the place we occupy. I have worked as a volunteer on several Eco Living/Work Projects. Enjoying LIFE in a Natural, Breathable Home I hadn't done yet so Hereby... Oneness Rising.

Hello, I am Frouwko Wijsbeek

Joke is my sister. I have been a carpenter for many years and have always enjoyed doing so and even more so when I can help other people. I also had my own construction company with my son. And soon I will work part-time again in southern Germany as a construction coach to teach young people to work systematically and thus achieve a higher production. I also find my joy in coaching people with the challenges of life. Oh yes, I would allmost forget, I went with Retirement in 2019. As a result, I have a lot of time left, {NOT}

Hello! I am Bert Hardebol

Ik ben The Balance

Owner of Studio de Balance and I Facilitate the Balance days

Hallo! Ik ben Nikki Pontier

I am Youth Worker and CaseManager at Oneness Rising

I am a Singer and Performer

Oneness Rising Projects

Alternative Building and Living

We Build and Live in Unity with Nature, Sustainable and Energy Efficient You as Future resident Submits a Building Plan after the intake interview. You can teach to the Young People and Guests of Oneness Rising themselves about the specific form of housing that you have chosen.

Music Studio and Gallery

On site will be an official Studio where our Youth and Guests can Experiment, Produce, Jam, Sing, Compose, Play Instruments, Make Beats and Tracks, Media, Art and Creativity, Voice and Body Liberation and Open Stage, Concerts and Festivals will not be missed.

PermaCulture and Food Forest

On our site we are building a GeoDesic Dome Greenhouse with AquaPonics, Heirloom and Perennial Edible Vegetables, We are based on the Holistic principles of Permaculture. There is room for a Beekeeper, Chickens, Eggs, Fish, Herbs, Flowers, Fruit and Nuts trees. We organize for Guests and Visitors :Wild Harvest days and together with the youth we create an adventurous FairyTale Path

Alternative Education

Who Are You, What Makes You Smile?

Setting goals, Connecting Communication, N.L.P. Mindfulness, Creativity, Art, Singing, Nature Adventure, Internships together with you as Residents and in Collaboration with Terra College, Local Schools and Organizations we experiment with Innovation Ideas and Alternative Energy Forms.

But First of all, we Enjoy and Grow Together!


A New World a New Lifestyle! Self-sufficient/ Holistic New Living and Working Methods, Food Forest, BioShop, Natural Swimming Pool, Sweat Lodges, Climbing Tower, Childcare, Mini Livestock, Dog Playground.

Tell us what we have forgotten and what you can support us and your fellow residents in

Vision Oneness Rising

Residents and Environment

Residents can use all community spacess for courses in consultation. We offer internships for young people from the area. The Environment is welcome at the community gardens, the Fairytale Path, the Food Forest. eko Shop with Local and Contribution Products, Art, Swap and Giveaway Corner and at our Activities. We rent out Spaces to the Environment for supporting activities,

Holistic living

We see a World in which it is possible toLive together with Mother Earth providing for Livelihood, Entertainment, Learning, Care, and Attention being intertwined

Personal growth

Discover our Personal Life Mission and to express it in the World

Dreams and Structures Playfully become Relaxed Shapes


Vanuit Vrijheid en Samenwerking de Verantwoordelijkheid nemen voor de Kwaliteit van ons eigen Leven.

Community Building

We are not an Island. Together with our Local Environment we can achieve more than we can achieve as Isolated Individuals


Caring for Mother Earth and her Gifts.

To receive in Gratitude and to live in Harmony with All That Lives and Moves

Mission Oneness Rising

Circular Building and Energy

We accomplish our Mission by striving for Self-sufficiency. Onze eigen Huizen zelf bouwen met Duurzame en/of Circulaire Materialen. Onderzoeken en Toepassen van Innovatieve Ideeën voor de opwekking van Duurzame Energie. The water we use Multifunctional, after which it can go back to Mother Earth Clean again

Working together with Our Environment

Building a Local Economy in Win-Win Solutions. Working together with our Environment. Contribute to the restoration of Biodiversity through Food Supply by applying the Permaculture Concept in our entire Project.

Open Education

That which we Experience and Learn, we Share with Others. Volunteers and Guests can get acquainted with Art, Music, Culture, Nature, Building and New Energy through Active Interaction. Our Core Volunteers and Internship Runners supervise Activities and support new Volunteers and Visitors.

Our Internship Runners set up new Home/Work/Care Projects, organize Concerts or Festivals. Upon leaving Oneness Rising, they receive a Self-Development Certificate when they have Set Up Their own Project, Execute and Direct Other Volunteers.

Nature Adventures

We organize Open Days in which we introduce Visitors to a Healthy and Natural Environment. We guide Wild Picking Walks via Our Fairytale Path in our Food Forest. We let you discover Various Architectural Styles and Homes that merge with Mother Nature. met de Natuur. Who offer Schools, the Local Environment and Guests the possibility to Enjoy and Work in a piece of Garden at Oneness Rising.