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Little Dragon

Flying in complete Harmony, Unity, Hearts and Wings of Fire Together towards the Sun.     Power and Love in our eyes when we look upon each other.   We are Dragon: Creatures of absolute Peace and Unconditional Love.   Little Dragon felt the air of Fire at the tips of her wings. The Sun burning in her eyes. Happy she was, so happy to be Dragon. One with all around.

In control of her body and soul, she flew over burning trees and then in one burst of power towards the sun. Then in a dazzling spin, back to the mountains below and just before hitting Dragon, enjoying a sunbath at the sleeves of the white mountains, with all her power, controlling the muscles of shoulders and wings pulling up. Again and again feeling complete Harmony. Little Dragon felt the eyes of Love on her back. Dragon send Love and respect to her when she flew over.  She knew she was one with Dragon but also she knew she was different: More somehow.  She was different like Old One. She could fly to Old One and once more listen to the stories that exited her so much, made her feel warm but also scared Her a bit.

Stories of creatures walking on two legs, without wings.  Little Dragon could cry out in pity, for this creature was not able to dwell amongst the clouds and feel the Winds of Fire tuck on the Feathers of Soul.  This creature called by a name. Like they could be anything less than One.   This creature with the power of reasoning, creating worlds for themselves. Adorned with The power of Free Will. The power to choose what He wants to Do or Feel or Think.  So hard to understand pain, War and Suffering. Happiness and Love she could understand. Dragon knew The other Name that Unity was called by: Unconditional Love.  But these wondrous creatures could decide to feel this feelings and it intrigued Little Dragon beyond comprehension.

She listened to the stories over and over again just waiting and longing for that one story that always made her come to this far away mountain, the highest and roughest of them all. There was Old One, His wings and Face towards the Sun in complete Praise to the greatest energy of the universe.  He did not look at Her but She knew He had already noticed Her, Maybe even before She decided to come and listen.   He looked at Her with His grey smoky eyes when she landed beside Him.    Yes different Old One was.    He called himself Old. No Dragon was like Him. There was no such thing as Old, There was only Eternity being One.   He started immediately telling her the story she came for, as if she asked Him.    Once I dwelt amongst Men. I lived with them, gave up my wings and peace of mind to feel the power of thinking. To be in control of my own Destiny.

I liked the feeling of making my own decisions, this could mean taking a wrong turn and feel pain or regret.    But nothing was as bittersweet as feeling Pain and knowing that there was always a way to overcome this consequence.    You know Little Dragon why You come here to me?

Dragon, so different from Dragon. You want to know these stories because We feel that WE are part of these Two legged creatures to.   We are in Unity with these creatures as well as Dragon. We have the longing to be part of the other great powers in the Universe; like Air, Water and Earth. We Dragons are in Control of Fire and Love But Men can become in control of all the Great powers in the universe at one time. There is nothing so hard and rewarding as being in control of your Mind, having feelings and most of all being part of Earth and know the bittersweet of decay.

You know the story of Woman…

I touched her Soul and She made Me feel like I was the greatest of them all. Complete Love burst up in my Soul and Body while looking into her deep blue eyes. There is nothing beyond the feeling of being One with all the powers of the Universe, being One with Woman. This fragile creature was my teacher and guide.

Tell me Dragon, little Dragon said. Tell me the story: I want to hear and feel the love and pain!!!    Old One looked upon Her with great respect, She was already part of the story, Little Dragon was more than Dragon alone.    I lived on a mountain like this. As Man I needed to feed myself. I forgot what it was like to draw from the energy of Universe to sustain Me.

Only once in a while I went down to these people living in a valley near a river so blue and cold. One day I saw Woman. She was bathing beneath the waterfall. She was the most beautiful creature I ever set eyes on. She turned around and looked at me without fear. Her eyes as blue as the water and the summer-sky but warm like the fires of the sun. That moment she touched my heart. The scale-claw of Old One Touched his heart which such power that Little Dragon could hear the bang from his chest. She saw tears coming from his eyes. Although she had seen these tears before many times she was one with the feeling of Dragon. Absolute Love and Devotion. She waited eager to hear more.

This Woman dressed and came to Me with a smile on Her face I will never forget.    We never separated after that moment and on one day I asked Her if she would like to fly with Me. She looked at Me and said simply, tell me what to do!    Then in front of Her eyes I turned into Dragon, Fire once more around Me cause I had not flown in a long time.     Never forget Little Dragon that in the world of Men we cannot fly because we cannot control all these powers at one time. I tied so often to fly but I got disorientated and I likely fell down for many times until I gave up, so sad for I would never feel the power of the Sun inside My wings again. You know Little Dragon in that world You have no wings and the Fire inside will die slowly if you become too much like Human and forget your Dragonroots.

But Woman made Me feel My wings again. I knew this Woman could help Me to find My way across the hazard of mankind. She climbed on my shoulders and Her soft skin touched My soul. I waved My wings to get the feeling again and Her long hair swirled around Her. She had the aura of the Sun around Her face. I was afraid I would fall down and hurt this beautiful creature. But She bent down and whispered in My ears, Don’t be afraid, I know We belong together, I have been dreaming and waiting for You for a long time. I know You will never hurt Me!   Then I set of and we became One, One in Mind, One in heart, One in Flesh and then One in Soul.     And I was once more happy than ever before in all my lives even more than being Dragon. Little Dragon looked at His face and saw the longing in His eyes, unconditional Love, more then She had seen ever before. Old One was One whit all the powers of the Universe.

Little dragon knew that This is what She was coming for. She wanted to learn and prepare for the time that She could learn to control all the powers of the Universe by making Her own decisions.    Dragon looked at Her with pain and respect because He knew why She was coming to Him. Little Dragon came to hear and learn from Him. He hoped He had told Her all the things she needed to know. To conquer all the things she needed to know. To wield absolute Power of Thinking, Feeling, Loving and Matter.

The day that Her longing would become stronger than Her fear they both knew was drawing near.   That day she flew with Dragon a last time. They swirled and laughed together

She felt pain for leaving These Friends behind. She could not tell them for they would not understand beyond Dragon. She knew She was part of Dragon and They would be missing part of Their Soul when She was gone, without knowing. When being Dragon, in full Unconditional Love, there is no reasoning beyond being never ending Unity.    She left for earth on a clear and beautiful day. She looked back to Old One back on the greatest of mountains over and over again.   He constantly whispered last instructions in Her mind. She could feel the fear in His heart but also pride and respect for Her brave decision. It felt like a heavy load on Her chest.

Little Dragon don’t forget about the Fire inside your wings. The knowledge is in your heart. You will succeed if you keep remembering the Fire.    Little Dragon became Human but She never forgot. Life was not kind to Her but she always felt the fire inside. She was always the happiest walking amongst the trees, the flowers and birds.

She loved all the creatures of the world. Especially loved the creature called Horse because it touched a feeling inside Her that she could not recall.   To ride across the green grass and feel the soft hairy skin and the power of his muscles to her legs, the wind in Her hair being in complete control of Body, Air and feeling of total freedom.

But always when She stopped and came to rest, She felt as strong as Her heart pounding inside Her chest that there was something missing, there was something She should remember. Something powerful waiting to be found.   In some way She never forgot about her wings. When Life was hard for Her She simply flew in Her mind wandering amongst clouds of peace and understanding For the pain of Men could not touch Her when She was free like this.

So Little Dragon grew up to be a special Woman and Men saw Her and wanted to win Her heart. He told Her He would make Her happy all the days of Her life and when She looked into His eyes something trembled inside of her. A long forgotten memory something She was meant to remember.   He promised to live with Her on the mountain She had chosen to be Her home.   The one day that they were One in Heart, Flesh an Mind she remembered She was meant to love like this. She felt the wings of Fire burn below Her skin and She showed Her True Self to the one She loved.    Man was stunned, His eyes almost popped out of His face. He closed His eyes because he could not handle the bright light of the fire She radiated.    She wanted Him to become One with Him and remembered the excitement of flying again. The Words of Old One came back to Her, You cannot fly amongst the clouds of Earth for you will not be able to reason and navigate in matter when you become like Dragon again.

There is only one way: Becoming one in Heart, Mind and Flesh with Man. His reason will guide you amongst clouds and matter.     All he Energies of the world and total Unity will be part of you and Man at that moment in time.    She wanted it so badly that She almost forced Him to be One in Fire with Her. Man was thinking that He lost His mind and was becoming crazy. But by God He knew that this was what His loved One wanted the most and man loved Her so much that he conquered His fear and climbed on Her shoulder.   Little Dragon felt the trembling of man as She set of for the clouds, She felt so happy and eager to show Her loved One that He could trust Her.   But there were so many clouds that they could not see the beauty around and the cold wind chilled Him to the bone.

Many times after that, they flew and They felt it was a special thing between them.    It was so sad that Man never completely felt save but never dared to tell Her. He knew He would hurt Her beyond compare.    But Little Dragon was more than woman. She felt in Unity with her Man and she always felt His fear as a cloud before the Sun.

And although she enjoyed flying in Oneness very much, She also felt a little sad to.     One day man came to Her and told her they had to move to the Valley because he wanted to build Her a beautiful house close to everything She needed when She became Mother.

Little Dragon was so full of joy that She carried Their love inside Her body that She agreed without even thinking about it,    So life as a normal Woman started for Little Dragon. She was so happy and full of joy caring for Her loved Ones that She never really noticed that There was something missing in Her life again.    It started with a soft pain when She looked up to the mountains and the clouds, like they were calling out to Her, Little Dragon, You forgot about the Fire inside!    She asked man if they could climbed the mountain and once more and fly with the tree of them.

He looked at Her as if she had asked Him to die for her, No my love, this can never be. Our Son is Human and He will never fly as long as I live! Great pain started to burning in her heart and it grew bigger and bigger in the years that came like a cancer until She cried out in pain and anger, This is also My Son, He is part of the Legacy of Dragon and Fire, I must teach Him. He is part of Unity and I have to teach Him to Fly so that One day He can be in harmony amongst the clouds with His loved One.

Man once again looked upon Her once more, This can never be for I am His Father and He is part of My heritage also. He is Man and no more!   And Little Dragon sealed Her lips and never talked about it again.   But when the years went by, the fire inside lost its glow and died silently.

But like all life and fire, you can almost die and wither away, a tiny spark will almost always stay alive. For this is what is meant to be. We are One with Air, Water, Earth and Fire and We are in Total Unity whit all that is. Learning to be in Harmony with all the powers in the Universe is out main purpose of being alive.  Woman felt her heart dying and Her little Sons where sad because of the pain in their Mothers heart.  They knew there was something wrong, there was something missing in Her heart and in their little life’s.   The day came that Her pain was greater than Her promise to man and She left.   She felt Her Freedom again but her Guild was as great.  For no man or woman should ever be alowed to afflict pain or suffering to anybody.  The only joy she found was that her Sons started playing and laughing again.  And deep inside hope started to grow again. For she never flew again but she learned about the Fire inside and she could rememberal the words Dragon told her. She learned to Love Life with such power that each day of her life was filled with Joy and Harmony. Snd with no doubt she knew the reasonm she wentto live amongst Human in the first place.

She kept Hope alive that One day the bravest of men would come to her and they would Fly in total Freedom; One in Heart, One in Flesh and then One in Soul.    But There was Man Brave enough to see inside Her and recognize She realy was Woman and Dragon in One Person.   She tought about this much and she started to believe that maybe only Woman of the world could understand this.